Poster Guidance

Here are some key points to keep in mind for your poster presentation. Please remember that posters will be available to view throughout the whole conference and the below guidance is designed to engage delegates throughout the conference.

  1. Poster Size and Orientation: Prepare your poster in A0 size, which is 841mm x 1189mm (33.1 in x 46.8 in), in portrait orientation. Make sure your content fits within these dimensions and is clearly visible from a reasonable distance.
  2. Bring Your Own Poster: Remember to bring your printed poster with you to the conference.
  3. Attaching Posters: The conference will provide velcro for attaching your posters to the poster boards. Ensure your poster has a suitable backing or material that can be easily attached using velcro.
  4. Poster Setup Time: Posters can be set up starting from the registration on the afternoon of Monday, 26th. If you're unable to register on Monday, inform the event organizers during registration on the Tuesday morning so that they can arrange assistance for setting up your poster.
  5. Engaging Delegates: Consider ways to actively engage conference delegates with your poster. Utilize digital tools like Padlet or Mentimeter to capture their thoughts, provide access to additional resources, or facilitate interactive discussions. These tools can enhance the overall engagement and interactivity of your poster presentation.
  6. Further Resources: Prepare additional resources or materials that attendees can access, such as handouts, QR codes linked to online content, or supplementary documents. These resources can provide more in-depth information and allow interested delegates to explore your research beyond the scope of the poster itself.

By following these guidelines and incorporating digital tools and interactive elements, you can make your poster presentation more engaging, informative, and memorable for conference attendees. Good luck with your poster!