1-Hour Workshops

Thursday 29th June, 10:00 - 11:00

All Along the Way, What You Say-When You Play-Matters! (The Gamification of Communication for a Collaborative Community)

Location: Room 3511

HelenMarie Harmon, Indiana University Northwest, USA

This interactive session will allow participants to play various games with us, including our trademarked versions of a wood block build game; (with a personalized "Talk Before It Topples" twist!); a unique "Share Your Success Strategy" board game; and a "Communicate to Create & Compete" structural design exercise.  Plus, prizes!


Between serendipity and ego reinforcement : some provocations to generic individual study coaching.

Location: Room 1026

Karel Joos, KU Leuven, Belgium

As opposed to a presumed generic approach in study coaching, this workshop gives an overview of an alternative, atypical approach with elements as ‘serendipitous listening’, idiosyncratic stories of students, sense making, overarching themes and ego reinforcement. After a general introduction, some rather provocative statements will be discussed in small groups.


Applying International Lessons Locally: Results from an International Survey of Peer Leaders

Location: Room 3510

Dallin George Young, University of Georgia, USA; Bryce Bunting, Brigham Young University, USA; William Carey, Loughbrough University, England; Jennifer Keup, National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, USA

This workshop will engage participants using research from administrations of an international survey of peer leaders by using findings to identify and develop opportunities for structuring peer leadership roles to deliver benefits of the experience to the peer leaders themselves as well as the students and campuses they work on.


Tips and Tools for Effective On-boarding: Enhancing the Transition of Non-Traditional Students (ENTRANTS)

Location: Room 1025

Nick Morton, Birmingham City University, England; Louise Wheatcroft, Birmingham Cit University, England; Amar Masonde, Birmingham City University, England

This workshop explores the challenges and opportunities presented by facilitating diverse student groups adjusting to higher education. It will present the initial work of the Enhancing the Transition of Non-Traditional Students (ENTRANTS) Erasmus+ funded project, and the shareable resources being developed by three partner universities in the UK, Austria, and Germany, together with European Students' Union.


The value of collaboration and building community in supporting student transition

Location: Room 3508

Sarah Broadberry, Nottingham Trent University, England; Conor Naughton, Nottingham Trent University, England

This workshop discusses the impact of approaches focused on dialogue and discovery in building student community to support their transition to Higher Education.  This team-based learning workshop will focus on the role of student transition and engagement support in providing opportunities to develop students' sense of community across the University.


Practical tools for supporting university students’ personalized study path

Location: Room 2522

Niina Marostenmäki, University of Oulu, Finland

In this workshop the participants will deep dive into practical tools implemented at the University of Oulu, Finland, to support first year students’ transition into university studies and attaching to the community. In addition, we’ll present how to support students' self-leadership and development of study skills throughout the study path via online course.


Building Cultural Awareness as you Widen Participation: Creating an Anti-Racist Student Experience

Location: Room 2521

Kathy-Ann Fletcher, Abertay University, Scotland; Amina Okhai, Abertay University, Scotland; Shauntelle Islam, Abertay University, Scotland; Julie Blackwell Young, Abertay University, Scotland

This workshop will explore how to create and embed cultural awareness among first year students as a pivotal part of creating a welcoming and inclusive learning community. This will include sharing an Abertay widening participation initiative, LIFT OFF and drawing from case study examples to generate discussion on how to embed Anti-Racist practices throughout curriculum.


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