1-Hour Workshops

Wednesday 28th June, 09:30 - 10:30

How to empower students to be successful: solution-focused coaching 101

Location: Room 1026

Daniel Köchli, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Many of us offer coaching and advisory services to students, especially in the First Year. We love to empower them to be successful and make progress. But are we really furthering them in their personal development?


Implementing centralised strategies while maintaining and nurturing student influence and student communities

Location: Room 2521

Sara Barbou des Places, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Jens-Christian Navarro Poulsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

How do we maintain and nurture voluntary commitment and student autonomy when faced with a growing number of centralised decisions and strategies? That is the central question of this workshop on how we try to find a sustainable balance at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.


Broad basic support as key to academic and social integration

Location: Room 2522

Liesbeth Huybens, Thomas More University College, Belgium; Diane Maes, Thomas More University College, Belgium

In this workshop we introduce our way of working, we discuss some statements, exchange good practices  and will work with concrete cases with the aim of broadening participants' perspectives. We introduce a model that  encompasses all facets of quality education and  integrate two opposite views.


Using adaptive online learning paths to strengthen knowledge and skills in first-year students

Location: Room 3510

Anneleen Claassen, KU Leuven, Belgium

Increasingly heterogeneous first-year students challenged KU Leuven to search for innovative, personalized ways of remediation. We developed several adaptive online learning paths in first-year courses to strengthen students required knowledge and skills. We’ll illustrate the KU Leuven approach and experiences with example cases and group discussion.


“What’s the best way to transition?” Creating microcredentials to offer students support.

Location: Room 1025

Sophie Kennedy, Abertay Students' Association, Scotland; Kerith George-Briant, Abertay University, Scotland

Join this workshop to learn about Abertay University's new microcredential suite for entrants into year 1 of an undergraduate degree. Find out what support we are offering, the importance of naming and how we challenged constraints. Explore what might be right for your context.


Creating a Coordinated and Cross-Functional FYE

Location: Room 3511

Dallin Young, University of Georgia, USA; Jennifier R. Keup, National Resource Center for the Firsty-Year Experience and Students in Transition/University of South Carolina, USA

In this workshop, presenters will share research from a national US study of FYE programs and a cross-functional framework for FYE.  Participants will engage in activities to examine connections between FYE initiatives on their campuses and will use a cross-functional framework for FYE to reimagine a coordinated and cohesive FYE.


Redesigning Large Enrollment Courses / Modules to Achieve Equitable Learning and Success: A Call to Action

Location: Room 3508

Andrew K. Koch, Gardner Institute, USA; David J. Hornsby, Carleton University, Canada; Sara Stein Koch, Gardner Institute, USA; Brad Wuetherick, University of British Columbia, Canada

Drawing on scholarship from and efforts underway in Canada and the United States, this workshop will help delegates examine and consider ways to address unjust design in courses / modules that enroll significant numbers of students. The approach to and outcomes in these courses have significant equity implications and must be addressed to fulfill higher education’s promise.

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