Conference Welcome & Keynote

Daring to be Different or should it be Caring to be Different?

Dr Emily McIntosh, University of West of Scotland, Scotland; Dr Luke Millard, Abertay University, Scotland

This interactive and challenging keynote will see the speakers and participants discuss the diversity of our students and their needs as we consider the frameworks that need to be in place to enable student success post-Pandemic. Through the use of interactive tools, the audience will help determine the key issues that universities need to address as we seek to personalise student learning and engage students in conversations with peers and staff that support their academic and social development.  Through this approach the keynote will develop conversations on Diversity, Dialogue and Discovery within Digital engagements. 

Date: Tuesday 27th June 2023

Location: 2516 (Main Lecture Theatre)

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Dr Emily McIntosh

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Dr Luke Millard

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